About me

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Nice to meet you! I'm Andrew, a 20-year-old guy from Kaluga, Russia. I have been developing software since I was 10, and I have always been interested in technology. I'm a middle-senior C/++ developer and a junior full-stack engineer. 1
1 All titles are based on knowledge and confidence, not on official work experience.

Here's a little more about myself:

  • My favorite season is winter.
  • My favorite bands are Black Sabbath, Metallica and Opeth.
  • My favorite field in mathematics is Algebraic Geometry.

I work on all sorts of projects, most of the time simultaneously, which doesn't help with adhering to deadlines at all. However, you can always check them out!

  • Why are you called Endermanch?
  • There's no particular reason to it. When I was rebranding my YouTube channel from Ender's Show to Enderman, the short URL was taken. I went thinking for quite some time, and then concluded that adding «ch» at the end sounded pretty good. I was 14 at the time of making that decision.
  • When will you make a new video? What happened to your schedule?
  • One day. Haven't been particularly motivated lately, but life's busy. 🙁 I'm alive and well, though.
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